Trippy AnGya is a travel market where the newest and best ways to experience Kyoto are introduced.


Who manages this group?

AnGya team members.

Members of the AnGya team operate the entire market. They are a group of enthusiastic people who work together to connect Kyoto with the world.


Who provides the “newest and unique ways to enjoy Kyoto?

Guides who have been carefully selected by Trippy AnGya.

The carefully selected Trippy AnGya guides take charge of shops in the market.
They are very unique and attractive local residents, including people who love and know Kyoto inside and out, people who are specialists in their fields and people who are engaged in interesting activities. 
The guides are like friends to those who visit Kyoto. Have a unique, exciting experience in Kyoto with them!


What are the “travel plans” or the “new ways to experience Kyoto” offered by Trippy AnGya?

They are a variety of “specialties” that only the local guides know and can offer.

The travel plans the guides offer are the products in the market. Exciting, relaxing or educational trips…unforgettable trips with different features await you.


One more important point: Who are the visitors to the market?

They are the people who enliven the market.

A market cannot exist with just shops and products.
The people who visit the market are not just customers, but are the people who play a key role in creating a lively market and community.

“What do you have today?” “What is the best way to eat it?”
“What goes well with this?”
“I’m looking for something gentle on my body since I have been feeling tired recently.”
“What are traditional vegetables? How are they grown?”
“If you have something like this, it will add more spice to the market.”

These conversations that take place at the market give rise to all the excitement there. Imagine such a market where instead of vegetables and fruits, “trips in Kyoto” are sold. Come and join us to enliven the Trippy AnGya market together.